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I. Owens
Thursday, August 22 2013 08:11 AM
The caller from this number asked to speak to homeowner, and I asked him specifically for the name of the person for whom he was calling. He said the name of a person who is unknown at this address. I apologetically informed the caller that no such person was known at this number. The caller then repeated his request to speak to the homeowner. I politely informed him that we do not take cold calls and asked him to please remove this number from his calling list. The caller somewhat angrily told me he would not, and that there was no way I could make him remove my number from his calling list. He said he would be calling back later to speak to the homeowner, though I had clearly requested that he not call this number again. I said I was afraid that this was impossible (the owner will be unavailable for many months, though I did not reveal details) and said goodbye, ending the call.

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